Spring cleaning to cleanerB is like the Superbowl to an NFL player. This is our time and our tradition. As a professional house cleaner, I make your house beautiful, it’s my favorite. But I also make your home healthy and after this winter, and the 3 full cycles of the flu that went through it – this is the perfect time.


The Big Spring Clean

All of our clients get a first big deep clean. It’s long, it’s lots of elbow grease, it’s hard, and we leave their sweaty because the truth is those layers of grease, grime and dirt did not happen in an hour. You often have build up thats months even years old. So getting it clean is going to take longer than a couple of hours. This visit can not be skipped or shortened. Simple as that.

The fastest way that your home can be thoroughly spring cleaned is by hiring cleanerB.


Three Simple Reasons To Book CleanerB

1. Amazing Cleaners

Our cleaning professionals have successfully gone through our Work with Purpose program and are receiving opportunities to refine and practice their skill throughout the year. They are physically strong, smart, efficient and have the best resources to give your home the best clean. Simply put, they are boss cleaners.

2. Clean When You Get Home

No more weekends of cleaning or goofy checklists making your spring clean a month long endeavor. Everything you need is done all at once. The house is perfect not just particular rooms during certain times.

3. Affordable Cleaning

How much is your time worth? A better question is how much is your life worth? Because your life and time are better spent doing what you want. And I am confident there are 100 other things you can be doing with your life than washing baseboards.

This spring reclaim your home and your life.

Book a spring cleaning today and at your appointment receive a bouquet of fresh flowers.

A full spring cleaning will include our deep clean checklist including 5 specific tasks of your choosing (example: fridge, outside of all cabinets, laundry room, front porch, and flip the mattresses)

Mention the promo code FLOWERS when filling out our form!