You hire a cleaning service sure when your house is dirty but have you considered hiring cleanerB for these other reasons?

1. You Went To Work

Cleaning is [hard]work! Sure you can throw a load of laundry in and do a sink full of dishes. But getting a good clean floor and dusting the whole house, that takes time. If you’re like most, you’ve worked hard all day and would like to spend your time doing more fun activities.

2. You’re A Stay At Home Parent

I can’t even do a load of laundry without fearing someone is sticking their hands in an outlet, pulling out a knife or eating soap..while your love may not be divided amongst the children your ability to give your home the deep TLC it may need takes a back seat.

3. You’re Annoyed With The Dirty

Do you know the annoyance of beard trimmings in the sink, wet towels on the floor, and misplaced shoes? Maybe this is just my husband (or kids) but when you start to feel resentment build up its not healthy. Save your marriage, give us a call!

4. You Remember The Last Time You Deep Cleaned. 2 Years Ago.

Do you keep a running list in your memory about the last time you cleaned the stove? When you first moved in, 4 years ago. The fridge? When you brought home the baby, 18 months ago. The ceiling fans? Baseboards? There’s an endless back log of information taking up room in your head. When you hire cleanerB, you don’t even have to worry, its just done.

5. Your Home Doesn’t Reflect Your Heart

Your home is a reflection of your heart. And it is often your first impression. Does it reflect who you are? Does your home give off a warm vibrance of those values? cleanerB takes one of those to-do list items (cleaning) so you can focus on the decor and other more fun home projects.

6. You Simply Can’t Get To It

When you do have a free moment, you stress about all the other things you could be doing. By taking cleaning off your list you can finally get to what you wanted to do. Read, quilt, write letters, bake to your hearts desire.

What are some reasons you hired CleanerB?

Share in the comments below.