Portfolio and Reviews

“Today I came home to the best thing in the whole world, a clean house that I didn’t clean!  It was done perfectly!” – Missy, 2013, Maple Grove

“Our house looked beautiful!” – Emily, 2014 Golden Valley

“CleanerB did a wonderful job cleaning my house today. I’ve had cleaners before and this was the best! They even used toothbrushes to clean my corners.” -Michelle, 2013, Minneapolis

“I just wanted to say the cleaning we received on Thursday was the best yet! I was truly amazed at the job that was done. She put things where they go..Everything seemed very thorough! I don’t know how to explain that, it seemed there was level of care that she really wanted our house to be clean.”
- Kalena, 2014 Coon Rapids

“She’s efficient, affordable, thorough, and reliable…I can finally see the floor to my office!  Thanks for helping me dig out of this room and on my way to organization!  Get your own organization and cleaning help with cleanerB!” – Connie, 2013, Minneapolis

“What a treat it is to wake up to a clean house.  Thank you for making my ‘stay-cation’ so much more pleasant for me.  Being able to sit in a room and not see a thing that needs doing is such a treat.” – Jody, 2012, Minneapolis

“Even my husband noticed!” – Lisa, 2012, Chanhassen



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