When you go out into the world, you are (most likely) showered, hair combed, teeth brushed, and wearing a clean shirt. It feels good on the inside to do these things because we know if you look good, you feel good. Most of us care a great deal about giving our best first impression!

Give a Great First Impression

Why of course this would include our homes. When it looks good, we feel good! This is especially true with party season upon us (football fests, fall festivals, beloved Thanksgiving). Who’s excited? The pressure can feel greater with the constant bustle of people coming in and out.

There are times when I have the least judgemental family and friends gathering for a get together and I still have a self induced panic to clean the most ridiculous spots! This happens not because of them, it’s really all in my head. I want things to look nice on the inside so I can feel good on the outside. There is no shame in wanting your home to be pretty. Heck, we even encourage that.

Clean These Rooms

1. Bathroom – Suggestion from Facebook Fan, Marissa Q. and Cari B.

“Only place people are alone and have a chance to really look for cleanliness.” #PreachIt We couldn’t agree more. If for some odd reason you can’t clean everything, make this your number one priority! Don’t forget to clean around the toilet!


2. Kitchen – Suggestion from Facebook Fan, Nicole C.

Nicole understands that the center of the home is in the kitchen. It’s generally where people want to congregate. Take time to clean the countertops and table. These are important surfaces. You’ll want these clean as when people arrive they might need a place to put their shared dish.

3. Living Room – Suggestion from Queen Bee, Shawna.

The second most congregated space in the home is the living and family rooms. This is where the epic card games go down, the TVs get yelled at, and where many a drink will be had. Make sure to have essentials at a reach (i.e. the remote) and clean.

If all of this cleaning makes you want to cry, fret not. We can help. Give us a call and we’ll do it for you. Easy peasy.

What room do you clean before any others?